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In the last few years we have made the most properties - ranging from apartments to houses - available to let in and around Chester. This means we can offer you, the Tenant, the widest choice of property to rent in Chester. As a result we have let the most properties and moved more tenants in to rental properties in and around Chester than any other local agent in the last few years.

Our Tenant application and referencing fees have always been, and continue to be, all inclusive for transparency. There are no subsequent or hidden charges stinging you in between agreeing a let and moving in to a property.

These fees, along with those charged to Landlords, allow us to invest in staff and resources to facilitate each part of the lettings process, ensuring you receive the best possible service at all times.

These services include:

  • Viewings
  • Negotiating and agreeing terms for Tenants and Landlords
  • Outsourced professional credit checks and referencing
  • Creation and signing of a legal Tenancy to protect your rights
  • An inventory for your records where applicable
  • Lodging your Deposit in a compliant scheme to ensure it is safe
  • Gas and other compliance checks
  • Quoting and arranging insurance to protect your belongings and Deposit if required
  • Dedicated Property Care team to resolve maintenance issues quickly and efficiently (managed properties only)
  • Inspecting the property to ensure your Tenancy runs smoothly (managed properties only)
  • Agreeing continued or new and secured terms to extend your enjoyment of the property for a further fixed period and Tenancy
  • Provision of new Tenancy with agreed terms
  • Moving you out of the property with the inventory, where applicable, to ensure you receive your deposit, or any part thereof, back as quickly as possible

Our tenant fees are:

  • £199 for an individual Applicant
  • £125 per Applicant for 2 or more Applicants
  • £300 per Company let

The above fees will be refunded if the Landlord withdraws from the let.

Specialist fees

Some tenants have extra requirements that require further investment in negotiations and contracts:

  • Guarantor fee to secure the let - £60 per guarantor
  • If you need to be in the property in 5 working days ourselves and our contractors have to re-organise our workloads to prioritise your application - £100
  • Rewriting of the tenancy to include a specific clause to suit your circumstances e.g. pets - £30
  • At the end of your agreed term we need to agree a new term, for either a periodic continuation or a 6 or 12 moth tenancy to secure against short term notice or rent increases from a Landlord. As the same work is involved in each, including withdrawing the Section 21 and confirming the new agreement, there is a standard administration and contract fee of £90

If we need to supply a reference there is an administration charge of £30.

Moving you out of the property with the inventory, where applicable, to ensure you receive your deposit, or any part thereof, back as quickly as possible - £85.

Prices are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.

These fees are applicable on any new application from 11th July 2014. All applications started before then are subject to the fees as agreed in those Contracts.

Martin Thomas

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